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Absolute Industrial Fabricators – Fabrication of Gaskets, Seals, Electrical Insulation / EMI & RFI Shielding, Sound Absorbing & Cushioning.  Materials: Plastics, Fiber, Laminates, Rubber, Sponge and Foam, and Pressure Sensitive Adhesives. 

API Deleven - www.delevan.com/web/

Magnetics -- Precision Inductors, Chokes, Coils.  RF & HF, Power, EMI / Suppressors, Transformers, Standard & Custom Harowe Resolvers – Frameless and Housed.  Standard & Custom


Circuit Protection Devices; Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV), Electrostatic Discharge Protection Devices (ESD), Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT), Polymeric Positive Temperature Coefficient Devices (PPTC), Spark Gap Protectors (SPG) and Thyristor Surge Suppressors (TSS), Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS).

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High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors, Radial Leaded Multilayer, Disc and Surface Mount Chip.

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Silicon MEMS high-performance OEM Pressure Sensors, Transducers and Transmitters. Laser Trimming, Thick Film Printing.

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Terminal Blocks & Headers: Screw & Spring Clamp, Direct Solder & Pluggable, Pin Strips, Barrier Strips & Custom Designs. EBY Power - Power Adapters, External Power Supplies, DC-DC Converters, Open Frame Power Supplies.

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Power Supplies:   AC/DC Modular Power Supplies, LED Power Supplies & Custom Power Supplies.  Design & Manufacture high efficiency, low profile power supplies.  Markets include: Industrial, Medial, Lighting, Communications, & Military.

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Electromechanical relays: Signal, Automotive, Power, Industrial, & Solar. Contactors.

Frequency Control Products: Crystal Oscillators and Quartz or Piezo Crystals in a variety of package types.

Clock Oscillators: MEMS, VCXO, TCXO, TCVCXO, and OCXO. Ceramic Resonators, Quartz or Piezo Crystal Filters.

Opto-electric Components: LED’s, LCD & LED Displays, Backlights, IR, Light Pipes, Custom Modules, HID LEDs for General Lighting, Automotive & Signage.

Capacitors: Aluminum Electrolytic (“E-Caps”), Electric Double Layer (“EDLC), Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Capacitors.

Standard & Custom Silicon photodiodes, IR LEDs and LED Arrays.  Photodetectors: UV Extreme, UV Absolute, X-Ray.  Opto-electronic Assemblies & Custom Solutions.  

Protech Global Solutions

Manufacturing of Electronic and Electrical Sub-Assemblies. Printed Circuit Boards. Graphic Products: Nameplates, Emblems, Logos, and Overlays. Program Management, Logistic and Warehousing.

Alpha GEL (αGEL®) soft silicone GEL materials for many applications: Shock Absorbtion, Vibration Isolation, Heat Dissipation, Tactile Impression & other Silicone Rubber Products. Insulators, Bushings, Sheets, Tapes, Paste & Liquid.

TE Connectivity

Voltage Multipliers Inc.  High Voltage Diodes, E-Zorb High Reverse Power Diodes, Hybrid Multipliers, Multipliers, Opto-couplers, Power Supplies, Rectifiers & Bridges.

Pressure & Vacuum Switches & Sensors:  Standard, High Purity, Differential, Over Pressure Protection, Solid State (Hall Effect).  Custom Solutions.  Services: Testing, Certified Class 100 Assembly, Screw Machine, CNC, GTAW & Laser Welding.

Battery Cables, Power Cables, Wire Harnesses, Cable Assemblies, Control Panels. Quick Turns, Proto-type, Ramp Up and Production Volumes.

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